No-Sew Patio Cushion Covers

patio-20 Perhaps one of the greatest luxuries of living in Southern California is the ability to enjoy a leisurely meal outside year-round. Whether it’s hosting a moonlit dinner party for friends, sharing a late afternoon cheese plate with your significant other or sipping on a strong espresso at sunrise, you can almost always count on favorable weather. And yet, up until two years ago, having a designated space of our own to enjoy this fortunate Los Angeles climate was something that had eluded us. For years, we lived in a tiny apartment, which lacked any kind of private outdoor area – no patio, no porch, not even a little balcony. So when we found our current abode with its very own rooftop terrace, we were keenly aware of what a commodity such a space can be, and, of course, immediately made grand (read: overly ambitious) plans to create a relaxing outdoor oasis.

patio-beforeafter-3 patio-beforeafter-4 Since the terrace is quite spacious, we quickly found ourselves having to prioritize which furniture we wanted to splurge on and where we should skimp. It was settled that we’d invest in a gazebo and a nice wood dining set and save on the more casual lounge furniture. I spotted this four-piece wicker set in the window of a drugstore of all places, and though I was not crazy about the print on the cushions, I scooped up the whole thing for less than two hundred dollars. While these pieces certainly served their purpose of providing comfortable outdoor seating, the fabric pattern remained to be a major eyesore in the space, not exactly the stunning oasis we had originally envisioned. In fact, every time I stepped outside, I’d look at the patio cushions and let out an exaggerated sigh, silently resolving to give them a makeover … at some point.

patio-19 This summer I vowed to finally check the nagging task of re-covering the patio cushions off my list. My goal was to create a neutral base so I could change up the color palette with accessories and plants. Using a plain canvas drop cloth, I created no-sew cushion covers, which I think look rather stylish and modern against the dark brown wicker. Such a simple change that yields dramatic results. And the best part is the covers are removable and washable, very convenient for keeping the light-colored fabric clean. I’m sharing the whole tutorial on eHow, so head on over there for all the details.

You can also watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel:

Do you have any makeover plans for your outdoor space? I’d love to hear about it!


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